Keith Abrams, Ph. D.

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Dr. Abrams' Established Patients: 205-874-7844 ext.1006

  • Specialties

    Marital Counseling, Sexual Counseling, Depression, Parenting

  • Education

    Undergraduate: Stanford University, B.A. in Psychology
    Graduate School: Ohio State University, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology
    Psychology Fellowship: University of Minnesota, 2-year fellowship at the Program in Human Sexuality (PHS)

  • Certifications

    Clinical Psychologist

About Dr. Abrams

Dr. Abrams is uniquely qualified to treat individuals and couples who have a wide range of relationship and sexuality issues. His training at the prestigious Program in Human Sexuality, years of experience as a clinical psychologist, sex therapist, and high school and college educator, and his extensive background in discussing such issues on television and radio programs, and for professional and public audiences, all contribute to his ability to provide expert help to those seeking services.
Dr. Abrams enjoys seeing individuals and couples for relationship counseling, sexual functioning, sexual relationship counseling, non-traditional relationships/lifestyles/preferences, sexual abuse, sexual offending, compulsive sexual behavior, sexual orientation, and gender identity.
Dr. Abrams also has expertise in performing psychological evaluations for clients electing to undergo various medical procedures. He has conducted over 1,000 such evaluations for patients considering bariatric surgery, spinal cord stimulator implants, hormone treatment, and cosmetic surgery.
Dr. Abrams also enjoys working in a coaching/consulting capacity with professionals and executives seeking personal growth or wanting to maximize their proficiency.

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