William Finger, Ph.D.

Riverchase Office

  • Specialties

    Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Couples, Families

  • Education

    Undergraduate: Cathedral College, New York, B. A. Philosophy
    Graduate School: Catholic University of America, Wash. D.C., S.T.B. Theology St. John's University, New York, M. A. Clinical Psychology Hofstra University, New York, M. A. & Ph.D.
    Other Training: NBCCH Hypnotherapist, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator

  • Certifications

    Clinical Psychologist
    Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator

About Dr. Finger

Dr. Finger works with individuals, couples and families while promoting and guiding the uses of their own mental and emotional resources, assets and capabilities. They learn to deal more powerfully and creatively with the troubles they face. All efforts are directed towards encouraging and guiding people’s efforts to get relief and gain mastery over situations such as: adjustment and relationship challenges, anxieties and panicking feelings, depression and mood swings, traumas, grief and religious issues, management of impulses like anger or refusal to forgive.
These efforts are also aimed at learning healthier ways of thinking about personal worth and values, thus achieving a more satisfying and productive life. Dr. Finger uses cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic and hypnotherapeutic therapies in accomplishing the above goals.