Svetlana Yakov, M.D., Ph. D.

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  • Specialties

    Treatment resistant depression, mood and bipolar illness in adult patients with metabolic, endocrine, nutritional, post-gastric bypass and other medical comorbidities, Personalized psychopharmacology therapy based of genotype testing, PTSD and mood disorders in people recovering from addiction problems and codependency, Anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders, Multifactorial dementia, Conversion disorder

  • Education

    Medical School: Chuvash State University, MD
    Post-Graduate: Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education: Ph.D. in medical/neurosciences
    Psychiatry Residency: University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Certifications

    Board Certified, Psychiatry

About Dr. Yakov

Dr. Svetlana Yakov has medical background from Russia where she worked as a doctor (an internist then as a neurologist and assistant professor after completing a residency/fellowship/Ph.D. in medical/neurosciences). She successfully continued her research and clinical experience in neuropsychiatry in Chicago, IL, and then completed second residency in psychiatry in Birmingham, AL. Before joining Grayson & Associates, Dr. Yakov worked as clinical assistant professor at UAB Psychiatry Department managing psychiatric patients with medical comorbidities and variety of addiction problems on inpatient unit. She was also involved in cutting-edge treatments of patients with refractory depression/suicidality (Ketamine), opioids dependency (Vivitrol, Naloxone) and leadership in sensory integration project resulted in inpatient agitation reduction. 

Dr. Yakov is author of more than 20 articles, book chapters, abstracts/posters presentations at the European and USA neurosciences conferences (neurological/psychiatric efficacy of deep brain stimulation and neuro-transplantation in movement disorders, clinical significance of olfaction and taste problems in neuropsychiatry, improvement sensory gaiting and prevention agitation via sensory reduction of internal psychiatric milieu).


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