Daniel Sullivan, Psy. D.

Park Plaza Office

  • Specialties

    PTSD, Panic Disorders, Social Anxiety and Performance Anxiety, and Depression

  • Education

    Undergraduate: University of Alabama, B.S. Business
    Graduate School: University of Alabama, J.D.,
    Wright State University, Psy. D.
    Psychology Internship: University of South Florida
    Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Vanderbilt University

  • Certifications

    Clinical Psychologist

About Dr. Sullivan

Dr. Sullivan enjoys psychotherapy with persons in late adolescence to late adulthood who are experiencing anxiety or depressive symptoms. Extensive experience with PTSD, Panic Disorders, Social Anxiety and Performance Anxiety (with students, professionals, musicians and athletes) . Dr. Sullivan also experience in working with persons in the LGBTQI communities.
Dr. Sullivan uses traditional forms of therapy and has been trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), an evidence-based technique that can allow many persons with anxiety or depressed mood related to past trauma or difficult histories to heal more quickly than they would on their own or with some other traditional therapies.

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